Monday, February 18, 2019

Ice Music Festival Norway 2019!

We just finished our 14th edition of what is the worlds first ice music festival!
Thanks a lot to everyone helping out.
Thanks to Nature for giving us the fantastic good sounding ice. Best ever.
Thanks to the amazing audiences coming all the way to from Japan, China. New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, USA, Germany, Italy, France, UK, Norway and more.
Also thanks to all the press (-:
5 international TV teams in total plus radio, news agencies, news papers, magazines etc.

See you in 2020. Celebration of Ice music 20 years!

photos by Emile Holba

Photos by Terje Isungset:

Photo by Maria Skranes

Some photos from the recording session in Canada Feb 2019

The ice in Winnipeg did sound so fantastic that we had to make a recording session of it!
Inside a private ice rink to protect a bit from wind and 30 degrees below celsius.

Monday, January 28, 2019

Terje Isungset and Ice Music in Canada - Winnipeg New Music Festival - WSO.

The concerts at The Forks was a great success. 
Thanks a lot to all people helping with the ice! Especially Peter and Luca.
And what an audiences that could stay out in the cold for more than one hour.
We had 27 below celsius on the Friday show, and 30 on the Saturday!
The good thing about this is that the ice sounded amazing.
Also thanks to the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra for inviting us to their festival.
(photos by Winnipeg press and Terje Isungset).

Friday, January 18, 2019

Ice Music in Munich Jan 2019! Photos and reviews

The mini ice music festival in Munich was a great success.
We did perform on a rooftop with a view over the whole city of Munich.
Great artists contributed.

Eric Mutel: ice art & visuals.
Arve Henriksen: ice trumpet & ice horns.
Trio Medieval: voices.
Anders Jormin: ice bass.
Maria Skranes: voice.
Terje Isungset: ice instruments.
Asle Karstad: sound.
Ina Charlotte Moe: ice assistant.

Some photos from the German Jazz News.
TV coverage in Arte, ZDF and radio BRF classics.
New festival to come up in Munich Jan 2020!

GROUPA album nominated for best folk album 2018 by Swedish Manifest!

Ahlberg, Ek & Roswall – Till dans (Dimma Sweden)
Emma Ahlberg Ek – Hillevi (Caprice Records)
Per Gudmundson & Bengan Janson – Hjeltamôs (Country & Eastern)
Groupa – Kind of folk Vol.2 Norway (All Ice Records)

Monday, January 07, 2019

New Groupa album listed as number 7 in World Music Charts

In de World Music Charts Europe worden de 20 beste albums van de maand gekozen door 45 Europese radiojournalisten. De World Music Charts Europe worden maandelijks samengesteld door wereldmuziekspecialisten van radiostations uit 24 Europese landen, onder wie MixedWorldMusic-medewerker Bas Springer. Ook publiceren we in dit artikel de Transglobal World Music Chart top-40 waaraan Charlie Crooijmans en Jaīr Tchong van MixedWorldMusic meewerken, net als nog 48 journalisten uit de hele wereld.
Altijd de nieuwste World Music Charts tussen je Spotify-afspeellijsten? Volg dan onze playlist op het Spotify-kanaal, waar we altijd de nieuwste World Music Charts-platen in volgorde voor je neerzetten.

Als je vervolgens in Spotify op 'Volgen' klikt, krijg je iedere maand bericht van de update.


1   Ser - Urna and Kroke, Mongolië / Polen (3)
2   Un Autre Blanc - Salif Keita, Mali (-)
3   From Nubia to Cairo - Ali Hassan Kuban, Egypte (2)
4   BIM #1 - Benin International Musical (BIM) Benin / Frankrijk (12)
5   The Long March - Le Trio Joubran, Libanon / Palestina (15)
6   Istikrarli Hayal Hakikattir - Gaye Su Akyol, Turkije (1)
7   Kind of Folk, Vol 2 - Groupa, Norway, Zweden (-)

Friday, January 04, 2019

Ice Music in Pontresina, Switzerland!

On Dec 29th and Jan the 1st we did perform ice concerts in Switzerland. This was first ice concerts in Switzerland in the history!
Around 1000 people saw our two concerts.
Really good sounding ice.
Fantastic weather.
A nice audience.
Fantastic people.
Beautiful nature.
A perfect start of 2019!