Thursday, May 31, 2018

Release of new Ice Music Album: Beauty of Winter

Terje Isungsets new album Beauty of Winter have been released on All Ice Records.

A fantastic video have been released as well.
Animations by Simone Hooymans:

Arctic Ice Music Concert at Festspillene i Bergen

Terje Isungsets project from Førde Festivalen in 2016 have been developed.

Concert at the grand opening ceremony of Festspillene i Bergen (Norway), and a separate concert in Grieghallen.
An amazing line up:
Terje Isungset istromme, isofon, ishorn, isperkusjon | Beatrice Deer, Pauyungie Nutaraaluk, Radik Tyulyush (Huun-Huur-Tu) strupesang | Sara Marielle Gaup Beaska joik | Maria Skranes vokal, elektronikk, isperkusjon | Arve Henriksen trompet, vokal | Anders Jormin kontrabass | Anastasia Isachsen video, lysdesign | Atle Sekkingstad lyddesign
Some photos by Magnus Skrede:

Terje Isungset & Sildrande. Tour and recording session

Late April Terje did a tour with his new composition from Vossajazz: "Sildrande".

Line up:
TERJE ISUNGSET trommer, perkusjon, spilledåse, munnharpe SISSEL VERA PETTERSEN vokal, elektronikk, saksofon GUNNAR HALLE trompet MORTEN QVENILD piano, orgel, elektronikk NILS ØKLAND fele MATS ÉDEN fele MATS EILERTSEN kontrabass ASLE KARSTAD lyddesign

The music was recorded in studio and will be released bu All Ice Records in 2019.