Sunday, November 08, 2009

Review Folk World Magazine

Terje Isungset "Hibernation" Label: A very special album from the Northern part of Norway by Ice-musician Terje Isungset. He started to play on instruments made out of ice exactly ten years ago and the first album with ice music was released by him two years later. In the past ten years he has, together with other musicians, created instruments such as the ice-guitar, iceridoo, ice-fiddle, ice-horn, ice percussion instruments an many others. On this newest album he plays the percussion, horn and iceofon. He is joined by Sara Marielle Gaup who does the joik and on the first track there is also a iceridoo playing along. Hibernation is a fragile album with wonderful sounds in a minimalistic landscape. The combination of the instruments and Gaup her joik is perfect like in Eadni vuohttu máná but I also like Polar night where Isungset is singing with is more earthy voice. Hibernation is like a beautiful midwinter night, serene and of a natural beauty. Will be appreciated a lot by lovers of the minimalistic genre. www.folkworld.Eelco Schilder