Tuesday, November 02, 2021

Arctic Ice Music Ensemble touring in the UK!


Some photos from the Groupa tour.

We did 15 concerts in Norway, Sweden and Danmark.

Most concerts where sold out.

Thanks to all our guests:Lena Willemark, Ingfrid Breie Nyhus, Lena Willemark, Sara Parkman, Samantha Ohlanders, Sofia Sandén and Ulrika Bodén. The tech crew Johannes Lundberg and Sofia Andersson.

And the audience and local organizers. A big hug and thanks to Folkmusikens hus and Lotta Johansson.
Also thanks to the film crew from Gotheburg that have been following us for some months. A documentary to be released!

Some photos:

Interview in Bristol Magazine


Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Composing music for Theatre in Norway

 I have been working quite a while on composing new music for this great theatre in Oslo. Mainly by using, stones, slate, wood, a broken piano, pieces of metal-garbage, a mouth harp, a drum, my rams horn and some recorded sounds of a rain shower coming up outside my studio. On Friday we will finish the work-showtime including live audiences will take place in September. 

Eg har hatt mange fine arbeidsperiodar i Oslo siste tida. Herleg å være ein del av eit stort kreativt team, og få oppleve utøvande kunstnarar dagleg.

Frode Grytten har skreve ny tekst. Regi er ved Lasse Kolsrud. På scenen har vi Amell Basic, Svein Roger Karlsen , Marianne Krogh, Kirsti Stubø , Morten Svartveit, Oddgeir Thune , Nina Woxholtt. 

Scenograf og kostymedesign Bård Lie Thorbjørnsen, koreograf Belinda Braza, lysdesign Torkel Skjærven og dramaturg Ingrid Weme Nilsen

Kvalitet i alle ledd.

Det kjennest bra å være på Det Norske Teater. Ja, eg er jo nynorskmann og bondeson. Goffa min var med i startfasen av detteb teateret og Bondeheimen er stamhotellet (-:

"Inn frå regnet" by Frode Grytten.

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Art Council Norway giving Grants for Artists

Terje Isungset has been given a one year grant to continue developing his artistic work.
It was given by Art Council Norway.

Monday, March 15, 2021

Thanks for joining us!

Thanks a lot to everyone that joined the igloo concert stream yesterday and for lots of positive response.
It was quite a few people as we did stream on 3 various platforms:
Ticketmaster for Norway.
WeChat for China, and 
on my Youtube Channel for the rest of the world.
There will soon be an update on the igloo blog with photos etc.
It has been a lot of work to put this project together, and a lot of fantastic people have been involved with making it happen.
Thanks a lot to every one!
Dance:Embla Skogedal Bergerud.
Ice art:Gunnveig Nerol.
Igloo construction and design: Petter Bergerud.
Igloo construction: Even Rygg.
Ice collection and preparation for instruments: Even Rygg.
Ice instruments making: Even Rygg & Terje Isungset.
Filming and editing of concert, visual art and dance: Sven Erling Brusletto.
Sound production by Tor Magne Hallibakken.
Press, web design and photos:Emile Holba. 
Dress design for dancer: Mona Larsen.
Terje`s sweater: Dale of Norway.
Photo of the process and the preparation: Knut Bry & Terje Isungset.
Bergsjøstølen Hotell and Kåre Berg for taking care of us.
ice assistant: Ingebjørg Isungset
Streaming logistics: Iselin Isungset.
Recording engineer: Tarjei Jensen.
Ice instruments, musician, composer, concept & idea: Terje Isungset.

Thanks to the Nature of Norway for staying cold!

Photo by Knut Bry