Friday, October 28, 2016

Icemusic tour Oct 2016 success

The icemusictour is going very well.
Many sold out concerts & lots of press coverage (TV, radio & newspapers).
Some photos from yesterdays concert:

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Icemusictour in Europe - Terje Isungset.

Great audience on our UK gigs so far.
Sold out concert in Nottingham today.
All looking good for the upcoming gigs. The freezer trailer is on its way trough the eurotunnel for tomorrows concert in Belgium.
Here is an interview I made with the main national newspaper of Holland today:

GROUPA Kind of folk Vol 1-Sweden. New album release on Nov 5 - 2016

Buy the album at
Listen to the music at:
Preorder from iTunes:iTunes

Monday, October 17, 2016

Program Icemusicfestival 2017.


20:00 *Acoustic Icemusic*
Intimate Icemusic concerts in igloos
The students from the Bergen Academy of Art & Design (KHiB) have built a village of Igloos and snow art. This day you will be invited in to a unique atmosphre in the world of ice and snow.
Everything will be made out of ice and snow except for the audience and the musicians 😎 Have you ever heard ice instruments acoustics inside an igloo?
Part one: percussion supremo Ivar Kolve returns for his second year and will perform on his Iceofon (solo concert).
Part two: Amazing joik singer Sara Marielle Gaup performs with Terje Isungset and his complexIcepercussion.
Please note that there will a maximum of 40 people for these 2 intimate ice igloo concerts - so book early to avoid disappointment!
*More Details*
Bergen Academy of Art & Design
Ivar Kolve
Sara Marielle Gaup
Terje Isungset
Acoustic Icemusic concert ticket kr 325,- child kr 150,-
Full festival ticket Thursday 9th - Sunday 11th kr 1250,- child kr 525,-
Day ticket Friday 10th kr 600,- child kr 300,-
Day ticket Saturday 11th kr 800,- child kr 400,-
*Remember your warmest clothes*

Link to program

Friday 10

20:00 *North Pole - South Pole*
Polish sax whizz Grzech Piotrowski will try to create the world's first Ice Saxophone! We dont know if this is possible or how it might sound or look like, but with the legendary ice carving skills of Bill Covitz, we have high expectations for this concert.
Joining Grzech from Norway will be the amazing double bass player Steinar Raknes on Icebass, accompanied by rhythm king Snorre Bjerck on his frozen Icedrums.
22:00 *Finish Moods*
Ice Instrument of the year - the Icekantele!
Kantele master from Finland, Minna Raskinen and singer Anita Lehtola-Tollin (know from Finish group Hedningarena) will perform music from the cold wintery Finish forests.
The only professional Icemusician in the world: Mr Terje Isungset will join with his Icepercussion.
*More Details*
Grzech Piotrowski
Bill Covitz
Steinar Raknes
Snorre Bjerck
Minna Raskinen
Anita Lehtola-Tollin
Terje Isungset
North Pole - South Pole concert ticket kr 325,- & child kr 150,-
Finish Moods concert ticket kr 325,- & child kr150,-
Full festival ticket Thursday 9th - Sunday 11th kr 1250,- child kr 525,-
Day ticket Friday 10th kr 600,- child kr 300,-
Day ticket Saturday 11th kr 800,- child kr 400,-
*Remember your warmest clothes*

Saturdy 11

15:00 *Family Concert*
The ever popular Bill Covitz show. Joining us from Connecticut in the USA, master ice sculptor Bill will perform his ice carving magic. What surprise theme will he work on in 2017?
Terje Isungset & Maria Skranes will perform Icemusic whilst Bill shows the tricks of his trade.
Performing wintery songs from Finland's heartland, Minna Raskinen & Anita Lehtola-Tollin return with the ice instrument of the year - the Icekantele and lush vocals.
21.00 *Ice Music Party*
Fieh, a fantastic upcoming singer with her ice band - Iceofon, Icebass, Icedrums and singers will channel the spirit of Erykah Badu & D'Angelo with R&B, hip-hop and jazz with tight and elegant beats.
Put on your slippery dancing shoes!
24.00 *Full Moon Concert*
We are lucky to have the Full Moon himself around midnight. Magic light & Magic mood.
The music will be a mix of the duo Arvvas with their music from Lapland, icey sounds from Poland and Terje Isungset's Icemusic.
Sara Marielle Gaup Beska (joik), Steinar Raknes (ice bass) Grzech Piotrowski - Icesaxophone, Maria Skranes (voice) and Terje Isungset (ice).
Lookout for the Full Moon and bring your warm clothes!

Sunday 12

12.00 *Winter Songs*
Terje Isungset invented icemusic and has performed ice concerts since around the world since 2000. During recent years he has also pioneered how to perform Icemusic indoors. This is quite exceptional.
Together with Norwegian singer Maria Skranes, they will present the music from their successful tours. the indoor concert will be Geilo's iconic and architectural wonder - Kulturkyrkje. No warm clothes needed.
*More Details*
Winter Songs concert ticket kr 200,- & child kr100,-
*Remember your warmest clothes*

*More Details*

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Icemusicfestival Geilo 2017

By first full moon - on October the 16th - we will lounge the program of The Worlds only Icemusicfestival! (
Taking place second full moon of 2017 at Geilo, Norway.
Today you can read about our festival in The Guardian.

photo by Emile Holba

If you do fly British Airways you can now listen to Terjes Icemusic in their in flight system.
There is also a little future in the magazine.

Interview in Holland today:

Monday, October 03, 2016

Ice concerts in UK, Belgium & Holland in October!

What about a little icemusic "warm up" in October before coming to Icemusicfestival Geilo in 2017?
Indoor ice concerts in the following cities:
October 25th:England. Southampton
October 26th:England. Nottingham
October 27th:Belgium. Hasselt (Cultuurcentrum Hasselt)
October 28th:Holland. Rotterdam (De Doelen) 
October 29th:Holland. Eindhoven (Muziekgebouw Frits Phillip)

Terje Isungset: icedrum, icepercussion, iceofon, icehorn & icetrumpet.
Maria Skranes: voice, electronics and ice percussion.
Tor Magne Hallibakken: sound.
Anastasia Isachsen: video art & light.
Tim hand: ice handling.
Special guest in Eindhoven: Bram Stadhouders on guitar!

(photo by Emile Holba)