Friday, October 28, 2011

Icemusicfestival Geilo 2012. Programme

Program Ice Music Festival 2012

Friday 3rd. Februay 8pm.
Opening concert.
«Iceman is» is the name of the worlds first ice cd which where released in 2002. Ten years later we gather the musicians from that recording.
The music will probably not be the same, this is improvised music in a world of ice-sounds. Everything can happen. Both instruments and the music is new.

Arve Henriksen: Ice-trumpet, ice-horn, ice-percussion and vocal (N).
Hilmar Jensson: Iceguitar and electronics (Island).
Lena Willemark: Vocal (Sverige).
Terje Isungset: Ice (N).

Duration: approx 45 min.

Friday 3rd. February 11pm
Lights are down, moon is up, raindeer skins are spread on the ground, Its ready for the audience to enjoy and experience the beauty of winter nights. Look at the stars, relax and lisen to the sound of ice. Chill out – how slow is it possible for a hart to beat?
How many stars are there?
What is man's role in the grand scheme of things really ?

A meditation in Norwegian winterlandscape. Abstract and silent sounds of ice makes a perfect atmosphere for 30 minutes Chill Out.

Terje Isungset: ice
Duration: approx 30 min.

Saturday 4th February 5pm
Bill Covitz show.

Besides from being our own ice sculptor, Bill Covitz is a winner
of numerous international ice sculpture competitions, and he came 2nd in the World Championship in Alaska. Saturday afternoon he will show us his amazing ice sculpting skills
Come see the magic Bill Covitz can make out of an a 2 x 1 meter block of ice!
Can Bill make a sculpture which Isungset later can play on?

Duration: aprox. 30 min.

Bill Covitz: Ice-Sculptor.
Pål Knutsson Medhus: Presenter.

Saturday 4th. February 10pm
Consert and presentation of this years instrument: Cellis

Each year Ice Music Festival Geilo creates a new ice-instrument. We have had: iceridoo, isleik, ice udu, iceguitar, icefiddle, icelur and, iceophon and more. This years instrument is an Cellis (ice-cello). We do think this is the worlds first cello made of one piece of naturally frozen ice.
What would it sound like?
Leo Svensson Sander will give us the answers. Together with the amazing singer Lena Willemark they will put up a unforgettable and unique concert.
The combination of ice and swedish folk music, performed by world topp class artist will be something worth the visit.

Lena Willemark: Vocal (S)
Leo Svensson: Ice-cello (S).

Saturday 4th February
Midnight concert

During the traditional midnight concert Isungset will peform the music from his latest album «winter songs». This is the project which Isungset the last year has taken around the world. Norway, Germany, England, Australia, Japan, Finland, India, Holland, England (Somerset House 10 sold out concerts) is some of the places he has performed «Winter Songs» during 2011.Coming up is collaboration with the London Symphonie Orchestra`wind ensemble and Trondheims solistene (N).
You do not want to miss out on this!

Terje Isungset: Iceofon, ice-horn og ice-perkusjon.
Lena Nymark: vocal.
Hilmar Jensson: Ice-gitar.
Tor Magne Hallibakken: Sound
Sture Moslåtten: Light.

Saturday 4th. and Sunday 5th. February. Daytime. At Kikut-skilift- Geilotjødnet.
Childrens ice-festival

A British team are set to create a world og snow and ice. The exiting thing is; They have never worked in souch conditions or with snow and ice before. We challange Sarah Allec which has a long experience in these matters from U.K, to create us a playground where the children will have the opportunity to influence and to be creative. To play and experience.

Free entrance.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Great review of "Winter Songs" in English newspaper

The Independent oct 24 - review Isungset

One senses a certain froideur...In fact, Isungset is that rare thing: an ice musician, who writes songs about winter and plays them on ice instruments (ice horn, ice harp, icefone...). They are sung by fellow Norwegian Lena Nymark as if breathing loudly. Occasionally, you hear an ice guitar or ice Hardanger fiddle. To listen is to watch frost form. It is still, barely melodic, thinly harmonic and always, always chilly. Fans of Bjork's Vespertine will certainly get it.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Stone project in Germany

During my solo percussion Germany tour in October we had a sounding stone project near the sea.

All photos by Katrin Storsberg.