Saturday, February 13, 2016

Ice concerts

Are you looking for Icemusic live?

17.02 - Hokkaido, Japan.
19.02 - Youth Olympics, Lillehammer - Norway.
20.02 - Youth Olympics, Norway. Hunderfossen
24.02 - Kuopio, Finnland (Anti Festival)
25.02 - Tahko, Finnland (Anti Festival)
09.04 - Sogndal Kulturhus
10.04 - Lærdal Kulturhus
11.04 - Husnes Kulturhus
12.04 - USF Verftet, Bergen

Monday, February 01, 2016

Concerts in Japan February 15 & 17th - 2016

Look out for Terjes upcoming concerts in Japan.

Link to Tokyo event, February 15th:
First there will be a documentary film about Terjes Icemusicfestival made by great UK/BBC film makers.

Then there will be a solo concert - drums & nature percussion with Terje including the genius of a sound engineer: Mr Asle Karstad.

On February the 17th there will be an ice concert in Hokkaido at the Ice Chapel.

Terje Isungset:ice.
Maria Skranes: voice & electronics.
Asle Karstad: sound.
Frida Isungset: ice carver.