Thursday, March 20, 2014

Film and recording session at the Jostedalen glacier, Norway.

We went to Nigardsbreen (Jostedalen Glacier) to film for the French TV series "Somewhere on Earth" doing a portrait on Isungsets work. Two amazing days. The recording and filming of the music took part in caves underneath the actual glacier. Amazing colors and beautiful rooms.

 The large cave.
 Art in Nature.
 Structure in glacier. Can be up till 1000 years old.
 Art by Nature. Amazing sculptures.

 Sound engineer Tor Magne Hallibakken in his "brand new" studio.

 Terje and Lena redy to record.
 Lena Nymark.
Bernard Svidal making instruments out of the glacier.

Eidsvoll 1814 - 2014.

We did the opening of the celebration of Norways 200 years by performing on ice.

The band:
Lena Nymark: vocals.
Sara Marielle Gaup: joik.
Helge nordbakken: ice drum ( & photos).
Arve Henriksen: talatut and ice trumpet.
Svante Henrysson: ice cello.
Sidsel Walstad: ice harp
Terje Isungset: iceofon and icehorn.

 Bill and Jeff
 Sara Marielle
 back stage
6000 people in the audience + TV.

Interview in NOISEY

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