Monday, February 18, 2019

Ice Music Festival Norway 2019!

We just finished our 14th edition of what is the worlds first ice music festival!
Thanks a lot to everyone helping out.
Thanks to Nature for giving us the fantastic good sounding ice. Best ever.
Thanks to the amazing audiences coming all the way to from Japan, China. New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, USA, Germany, Italy, France, UK, Norway and more.
Also thanks to all the press (-:
5 international TV teams in total plus radio, news agencies, news papers, magazines etc.

See you in 2020. Celebration of Ice music 20 years!

photos by Emile Holba

Photos by Terje Isungset:

Photo by Maria Skranes

Some photos from the recording session in Canada Feb 2019

The ice in Winnipeg did sound so fantastic that we had to make a recording session of it!
Inside a private ice rink to protect a bit from wind and 30 degrees below celsius.