Sunday, December 14, 2008

Award for children project

Yttrebygda kindergarden and Terje Isungset got the National Kindergarden Award of Norway (Nasjonale barnehageprisen) for their project with music and kids (-:

Award for Isungset

Terje Isungset receiwed the Edvard Prisen for best composition for his album "Igloo". The price was given by TONO.

The Lyric Theatre London - Reviews.

Terje Isungset is Musical Director for Cinderella in London.
Here are some revews:

TIME OUT MAGAZINE:5 out of 6 stars:
moving, satisfying piece of theatre that will appeal to children and adults alike.'
Time Out - Show of the Week

Daily Telegraph:
'One of the finest Christmas shows this festive season.'
Add a wildly eccentric, surprisingly tuneful one-man band, in which Terje Isungset plays stones, lumps of wood, aircraft parts and a horn made out of ice, and you have one of the finest Christmas shows this festive season is likely to offer.

Evening standard: 4 out of 5 stars
* * * * 'Two beautiful, highly recommended hours.'

Evening Standard
The acclaimed director Melly Still returns to the original story by the Brothers Grimm to create a spellbinding show for the whole family to enjoy.
With a top-notch creative team including Norwegian ice-musician, Terje Isungset, the Lyric will be transformed into a spine-tingling winter wonderland to make Cinderella the only show to see this Christmas.

The Times 4 out of 5 stars:
****'An inventive, involving telling of this endlessly rich story'

The Guardian 4 out of 5 stars:
'Inventive magic. It's a seasonal show that utilises the kaleidoscopic delights of theatre.'
* * * * Guardian
The extraordinary Norwegian composer Terje Isungset is on stage throughout, playing every instrument under the Scandinavian sun from a mouth-harp to a trumpet made of ice.

music OMH,4 out of 5 stars:

The distinctive music for the production is provided by the Norwegian musician Terje Isungset, who sits in a small nest at the top of the stage playing an array of unusual instruments including an old bicycle, a mouth harp which apparently was made from part of a Second World War fighter plane and a trumpet made of ice. His unique percussion is an integral part of the show, driving it along.
The music helps to smooth over some of the cracks.

A curtain up:
With frosty blue lighting and a forest of tall thin birches onstage, a curved staircase of white steps leads to an otherworldly-looking Norwegian orchestra. The instruments, manned by Terje Isungset, include an ice trombone and a mouth harp and make even more outlandish sounds which add to the icily unfamiliar Scandinavian atmosphere

This is London
The setting is the wintry ?far, far north?, a place of frosted landscapes and twisted branches, where Norwegian ice musician Terje Isungset plays intriguing instruments

The Independent:
Thank heavens for Melly Still's enchantingly beautiful and also seriously bleak Cinderella, which goes back to the Brothers Grimm. The set is a silver-birch wood, with steps spiralling to a lookout where the award-winning musician Terje Isungset perches, with a thrumming Jew's harp and a megaphone made of ice, which sounds like a winter wind and wolves howling.
This is the King Lear of children's theatre.
inspiring theatre, full of imaginative riches and creative play. Recommended.

Daily Mail 4 out of 5 stars:

One of the show's other striking features is a haunting score with the feel of an aboriginal hoedown, performed by Norwegian musical eccentric Terje Isungset.
He adapts found objects to create customised instruments such as a Jewish harp, didgeridoo, hurdygurdy and - his piece de resistance - an ice trumpet.
All of which epitomise the fully recycled, Soil Association-approved good nature of a DIY ensemble act that amazes more than it offends

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

London Jazzfestival

All of Terjes 4 concerts at the London Jazzfestival was sold out, and 2 extra concerts had to be set up. Here is a footage of Terjes iceperformance by the Norwegian News (NRK)

Innovasjonsprisen Marmorhallen - Oslo

Monday, September 01, 2008

Fossekall August 30 - 2008.

Nils Økland, Arve Henriksen, Lena Nymark, Didier Petit,Asle Karstad,Terje Isungset and Therese Skauge performing the comission "Fossekall" ordered by Hardingetonar. Music by Terje Isungset. 2500 people came to see the concert.

(photos by Helge Haukeland,Reidar Solberg and Ole Vidar Søviknes).
Check also this link (with sound):

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Waterfall concert!

Look out for the up coming waterfall concert in Hardanger, Norway.
New composed music by Terje.
The waterfall itself will also be amplifyed and used as an musical instrument.

Opening ceremony, Hallingskarvet Nasjonalpark

The prime minister of Norway Jens Stoltenberg at the opening of Hardangervidda National Park.
The music was performed by Steinar Ofsdal, Lars Inge Tverberg and Terje Isungset.
All instruments and sound equipment was carried up by horses.

Peer Gynt Award 2008

"Two in One" , Therese Skauge and Terje Isungset performing.

Concert at the Glacier Svartisen, Norway

Terje playing on a horn made out of 2500 years old ice!
photo by Alf Egil Hagen.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Ice concerts reviews

Musikken og stemningene er helstøpt, og bærer i seg en sensibilitet for naturens tilstand om vinteren.

It's a chiming, intimate and utterly beautiful world of sound that entrances as much as it avoids any notion of 'novelty'.

Likevel vet du at Terje Isungset har truffet noe med sin ismusikk, da du tar deg i å få gåsehud.

the percussion is the real treat musically, sparse and reverent, of an intense purity.Pretty unique.

Resultatet er eksotisk, imponerende og grenseløst originalt.

Med denne plata lever Terje Isungset opp til ryktet han har fått som en av kongerikets mest nyskapende perkusjonister.

Det er noe veldig norsk, og magisk over soundet på platen.

Det er så uendelig vakkert, så personlig og ekte

it's a fascinating, atavistic, other- worldly experience to hear Isungset "liberate" these haunting, enigmatic sounds from nature at its harshest and put them at the service of art - and beauty.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Terjes new concept - rehearsal before concert at Festspillene in Bergen - Norway on May the 30th.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

New CD agbalagba daada

trumpet, heriba-ton, tabla, flutes, coupon,
vocal, kalimba, percussion, piano
drums, percussion, wood, stones, goat
horn, voice, electricians-tube, mouth harp
Re l e a s e - c o n c e r t NAT T JAZ Z
Catalognumber: NORCD0875
EAN: 7042986108752
RELEASE-DATE: May 26 2008
FILE UNDER: jazz/impro
Distribution: Musikkoperatørene
Per Jørgensen and Terje Isungset unite forces in Agbalagba Daada
with a raw, cut to the bone expression. It’s improvisation in the wider
landscape of jazz where the elements melt and travels to the core of
the music. Music far beyond words. AGBALAGBA is an African word
(Yoruba-language) for old person. As a result of age and experience this
person acquires a certain level of knowledge, and is given the title
AGBALAGBA DAADA – meaning old, wise person. In a figurative sense, the
working musician – starting out as young and promising – gradually attains the
status of AGBALAGBA DAADA, adjusting musical perspectives in accordance
with the growing process of life. This double album is filled with strong and
powerful music.
Per Jørgensen started his musical career in Bergen, Norway in the seventies and is today one of
the most acclaimed and sought after jazz musician. With the trio concept Jøkleba! developed
together with Jon Balke (keyboards) and Audun Kleive (drums), he reached a wide audience in
Scandinavia, playing together for over ten years. He has also been a regular member of Jon Balkes
Magnetic North Orchestra, from its start-up in 1992.
Terje Isungset is one of Europe’s most accomplished and innovative percussionists. With over two
decades experience in jazz and Scandinavian music he is taking these types of music far beyond
their traditional boundaries, becoming more like a cross between a sound artist and a shaman.
Using sounds from natural elements such as arctic birch, granite, slate, sheep bells and even ice,
he is highly recommended to those sensible to the poetry and simplicity of sounds.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Friday, January 25, 2008

Reviews of the CD "Iceconcerts"


Varme ut av is. (Varden)

Iskaldt og urnorskt. Terningast 5 (TA)

Varme ut av is. Terningkast 4 (BT)

Stemningsfull Joik. Terningkast 5. (OA)
Likevel vet du at Terje Isungset har truffet noe med sin ismusikk, da du tar deg i å få gåsehud. Selv om du sitter trygt og godt foran peisen og bare lytter.

Jazz som ikkje smelatar (Dagsavisen).

Terje Isungset er en av kongerikets mest originale og mest genuine kunstnere – i alle fall musikanter. ”Ice Concerts” er nok et bevis på det. Terningkast 6(TV 2)

Musikken og stemningene er helstøpt, og bærer i seg en sensibilitet for naturens tilstand om vinteren. Musikken Isungset kultiverer fram i kulden og praktisk talt former av is med sine egne hender, er mer preget av dvale enn blomstring.

Resultatet er eksotisk, imponerende og grenseløst originalt.

Dette er stemningsfull samtidsmusikk som iscenesetter naturen på en forbilledlig måte, og det er bare å lukke øyene så befinner du deg på vidden.(BA)

All about Jazz:

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Recording session - new ice CD

Photos from the studiosurroundings. (outside the igloo)

A magic sky appeared.

Full Moon. (photos by Terje Isungset)

New CD Release from All Ice Records

The brand new album "Iceconcerts" was released under full moon at Geilo this week. The CD is Terje Isungsets 4th album of icemusic. This one contains in total one hour of live recordings from Isungsets tour in 2007. Various artists are partisipating: Arve Henriksen, Lena Nymark, Silvia Moi, Sara Marielle Gaup, Unni Løvlid, Jon Halvor Bjørnseth and Terje Isungset.
Recordings from Japan, Spitsbergen and Norway.
For more information please do check

Icefestival Geilo 2008.

The third Icemusicfestival at Geilo was a great success. Cold weather, nice concerts, many artists and lots of audience.

Midnight and full moonconcert Tuseday the 22nd of January 2008. Sara Marielle Gaup and Terje Isungset.(all photos by Sigmund Krøvel Velle)

Terje prepering new ice instruments for his new recording of icemusic. In an special built igloo at Geilo.

Singer Karin Park & Terje Isungset.

The Fairy tail "Mesana" from Greenland.

Iceman is.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Opening Concert at Worlds largest Ice Festival

Terje did the opening concerts for the Harbin Ice Festival in China. It was a great success. Temperature was 20 degrees below zero - perfect conditions for ice music.