Friday, January 30, 2015

Reviews/Omtaler "Meditations", Terje Isungset

"Terje Isungset er en av de mest originale og spennende musikantene jeg vet om.
Sammen med Mats Edén på viola d´ámore, Arve Henriksen på trompet og stemme, Svante Henrysson på iscello, Anders Jormin på bass, Lena Nymark på stemme og Reidar Skår på tangenter og elektronikk har Isungset, som spiller ishorn, isperkusjon, isofon, knust is, istrommer og som synger, skapt en sonisk verden som tittelen "Meditations" passer utmerka til.
Det er ei stemning over den bortimot hypnotiske musikken til Terje Isungset som han er helt aleine om"
Tor Hammerø, Nettavisen.

"Det er ein leikande og melodiøs Isungset me møter på "Medittations"
Isungsets isofon, Jormins bass og Skårs særs velrilpassa elektronikk gjev ei kjensle av nærleik og katedral.
For alle ismusikkfans er plata eit must. For andre er "Meditations" eit naturleg tilkoplingspunkt".

Lars Mossefinn, Dag og Tid.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Terje Isungset "Meditations"

Ice from Antarctica and Arctic * Canada * Greenland * Norway * Sweden

Crisply fresh ice recording

A unique record release will take place during the 10th anniversary of the Ice Music Festival, where Terje Isungset launches the album Meditations. How does one hundred year old ice from the middle of the South Pole actually sound? Does it ring differently from five hundred year old ice from Spitsbergen? Can one sense the nuances compared to a seven hundred year old glacier in the Italian Alps?
Ice from all corners of the world provides the g-clef of Isungset`s newest music, which explores the tones of nature`s water cycle, the changing climate and the place for humans in touched and untouched nature.

Meditations was recorded over the last four years, and most of the recordings were done near the site where the ice was harvested, and when temperatures were at their most inhospitable. The colder the ice, the better the sound. During the recording by the Hudson Bay Company in Canada, the mercury crept down to 38 degrees below zero.
That's cold. Very cold!

In 2002 Isungset released the worlds first record with ice music. Today All Ice Records has seven ice CD's in its catalog. Terje Isungset is counted as one of Europe's most acclaimed and innovative percussionist. For over two decades, he has experimented and challenged the limits of jazz and Scandinavian traditional music, and created his very own unique instruments from local natural materials. Meditations is Terje Isungset;s greatest artistic accomplishment to date and offers a unique musical journey.

Ice from different parts of the earth comes together on the album Meditations, through the musical energy of Isungset?s icehorn, ice-percussion, iceofon and ice drums in interplay with Arve Henriksen`s trumpets, Lena Nymark`s vocals, and Svante Henrysson`s icecello.
Ice selected from Canadian fresh water lakes and salty oceans, from thousand year old Svartisen and Nigardsbreen glaciers, as well as massive icebergs in Upernavik, Greenland. Anders Jormin sounds out bass tones from ice, whereas Mats Elden caresses the fragile ice violin. Ice from Geilo, Kirkenes and Lillehammer blend with cold matter from Jukkasjarvi, Siberia and the French Pyrenees, whereas unique archival field recordings of Canadian Inuit and Norwegian sami people crank the proverbial ice drill even deeper into the historic ice.
Reidar Skaar binds it all together with his keys and programming.

The result is exotic and poetic.

Terje Isungset, «Meditations»
All Ice 1407

All Ice Records, Norway

Friday, January 16, 2015

New album available! Terje Isungset, "Meditations"

Release January 20th.

A unique recording made with ice from Antarctica, Greenland, Spitsbergen, Canada, Russia, Norway, Sweden and Italy. How does ice from different parts of the world sound like?


Terje Isungset: icehorns, ice percussion, iceofon, crushed ice, voice & icedrums
Lena Nymark: voice 
Arve Henriksen: trumpet & voice 
Anders Jormin: double bass 
Mats Eden:viola d’amore 
Svante Henrysson: ice cello 
Reidar Skår: keyboards & programming

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Iskonsertar i Norge denne veka!

Iskonsertar denne veka:
Torsdag 15 Januar kl 19.30: Nordberg Fort.
Fredag 16 Januar kl 19.00:Lyngdal kulturhus, Grøndokka 4.

Terje Isungset: is.
Maria Skranes: vokal.
Aslak Bøygard: ishjelper.
Jørgen Kamperhaug: lyd.

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Program Icemusicfestival Geilo 2015.

Thursday 5th February 2015
Family Event: Mr. Ping / 17.30hrs
Performance for children.
Location: Geilo Centre        Adults NOK 100 Children: Free

'Meltwater’ New composed music by Sigurd Rotvik Tunestveit/ 20.00hrs
Sigurd Rotvik Tunestveit: Vocals, Margit Myhr: Langeleik / Lyre / Vocals, Steinar Mossige: Percussion, Eilif Gundersen: Ice-horn and Sigurd Ytre-Arne: Electronics / Sampling 
Location: Geilo Centre                       NOK 250

Friday 6th February 2015
Icelandic Ice Sessions / 20.00hrs
Trio Medieval: Anna Maria Friman, Berit Opheim, & Linn Andrea Fuglseth - all vocals
Terje Isungset: Ice Percussion 
Arve Henriksen: Ice Trumpet & Improvised Vocals 
Anders Jormin: Isbassis 

Oddbjørg Reinton will present her images painted on ice.
Location: Geilo Centre                       NOK 250

Natural & Electronic Ice 
Part 1 / Natural Ice / 22.00hrs
Mamadou Diabate (Burkina Faso). Mamadou Diabate: Icebalafon

Part 2 / Electronic Ice:
Helge Norbakken: Ice Drums, Jan Bang: Live Sampling, Terje Isungset: Iceofon and Stein Arne Rimehaug: Ice Udu 

Ice artists from Tallinn (EST), who will premiere their special made sculptures for 2015.  
Location: Geilo Centre                     NOK 250

Saturday 7th February 2015
Family Event: Three Continents / 15.00hrs
Mamadou Diabate  Iceballafon & Helge Norbakken  Ice drums. New invention:ice & leather! 
Ice sculptor Bill Covitz (USA) creates a sculpture in 30 minutes! 
Location: Geilo Centre        Adults NOK 100 Children: Free

What Happens To Ice In The Arctic? / 17.00hrs
Hear one of the world's leading environmental scientists - Kerim Nisancioglu from the Bjerknes Centre at the University of Bergen talk about Arctic melt. 
Oddbjørg Reinton and Terje Isungset will talk about environmental issues as inspiration in their artistic work. 
Location: Dr Holms Hotel       Adults NOK 100

Ice Club Concept / 22.00hrs
Eirik Glambek Bøe (Ice Guitar) Anders Jormin (Isbassis), Arve Henriksen (Ice Trumpets and electronics), Helge Norbakken (Ice Drums).
Location: Geilo Centre                       NOK 250

Meditations / 24.00hrs Famous Saturday Midnight Concert - With A 10th Anniversary Twist
Terje Isungset: Ice Percussion, Lena Nymark: Vocals, Jan Bang: Live Sampling and Therese Skauge: Dance
Magical Transport To The Location:
For the midnight concert only, the audience can rent cross-county skis to get to the concert location. Equipment and guides offered at a special price of 100 NOK - 
Location: Fekjo Cultural & Heritage Park Adults NOK 350

Viking Era graveyard, about 900 CE. 21 burial monds, of which 10 have been excavated. 

Sunday 8th February 2015
Winter Songs / 12.00hrs
Lena Nymark: Vocals, Terje Isungset: Ice Percussion. 
 Location: Geilo Culture Church (indoor!)

Adults NOK 200  / Children 12-16 Years NOK 100 Children Under 12 Years Free

New video of indoor ice concert available

Check out this new video.

Thursday, January 01, 2015

World of Glass

More reviews of the "World of Glass" album:

World of Glass conjures a weirdly beautiful soundscape, cool and flutey, with crunching broken glass sometimes used for percussion, and occasional deep bongs emanating from bowl-like objects.
There is no point in getting into some arid debate about whether or not it’s actually jazz: it is certainly improvised. And it is certainly lovely to listen to. That’s all we really need to know.
London Jazz.

The overall effect is quite remarkable, spacious, natural, and dare I say New Agey, with involving albeit sometimes practically glacial developmental sections offsetting any danger of gimmickry. Perfect for active meditation, even if that is not the intention, an album that may send you, chimingly, and occasionally shiveringly, into a quiet ancient space from which you might be reluctant to emerge. The conceptual integration of these beautiful looking instruments and the intuition of these innate improvisers could not have been more successfully achieved. Out now!

The music itself is inspired by folk and tribal primitive - in the sense of most basic - sounds, as ingredients for very modern music, with deep resonating bass sounds at times, Henriksen's soaring horns, all woven around pockets of silence and contemplative wonder, further accentuated by the tinkling sounds of the glass percussion. Even if the instruments are now made of glass, which leads to some changes, musically the album is very comparable to Isungset's previous works.
Free Jazz Collective

Sperimentazione, improvvisazione, minimalismo e musica concreta, attitudine jazz, convivono con richiami a ben più antiche tradizioni  musicali, dal Giappone al Medio Oriente, dai canti sciamanici siberiani a quelli degli aborigeni australiani, anche se la fonte principale di ispirazione è costituita dai grandi spazi innevati e solitari del Grande Nord; boschi, fiordi, laghi, tundre, aurore boreali colorano la nostra immaginazione cullata dalle melodie e dai suoni intrecciati dai due musicisti. Un misticismo che si intreccia a un senso di unione panica con la natura, costantemente evocata nel suo fascino primitivo e primordiale dalle musiche