Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Plastic Fantastic!

Working on the production of the new project "Sustain" in Bergen for three weeks.
Environmental focused concert in collaboration with FN Sambandet (UNA).
All instruments, design, clothes etc are made out of garbage. Mainly plastic found at shore (taken from the North Sea).
Focusing on whales, fishes and birds dying because they do eat plastic.
New composed music, new instruments, new visuals, design etc.
Corner Teateret - Bergen.
Performances to be given to teenagers next week.

Official World Premiere at Festspillene i bergen May 25th 2017.

Thursday, March 02, 2017

GROUPA on tour in Germany this week

3.3. Mölln (Stadthauptmannshof) 20.00 
4.3. Bremen (Radio Bremen Sendesaal) 20.00 
5.3. Northeim (Alte Brauerei) 16.00 !!
7.3. Oldenburg /Oldb. (Wilhelm 13) 20.00
8.3. Hamburg (Heidbarghof) 20.00
9.3. Körle (Grüne Harfe) 20.00
10.3. Schlüchtern (KuKi) 20.00
11.3. Kappeln (Kirche Ellenberg, Folkclub Ostangeln) 20.00