Monday, February 22, 2021

Ice Music festival Norway 2021 - cancelled

 Dear Ice Music fans.

We had made ALL preparations ready for the upcoming festival. We had made igloos, harvested ice, built ice instruments, planned for all Covid 19 rules, solved all problems and sold all tickets.

30 people where ready to work hard for one week doing preparations.

All crew including the administration of the festival are working for free.

Because of one single rule from Norwegian Government saying that we are only aloud to have an audiences from the actual village of Ål in Hallingdal, we simply can not do the festival.

The result would be to have 4 out 5 sold tickets to refund. As you can all understand, this would be a financial disaster for us.

We are very sorry.

But: LOOK TO 2022!

It will be the most fantastic Ice Music festival ever.

It will be the same Igloo concept and at the same place as planned for in 2021.

See you there!

best wishes


Photo by Knut Bry.

Friday, February 05, 2021

Ice Music live Streaming concert from an igloo up high mountains on February 21st - 2021!

Look out for the upcoming concert online:
"On nature's conditions” is an interdisciplinary climate-related project where nature lays down all the conditions for the actual implementation. We do absolutely everything related to this performance by using 100% natural and recyclable materials only. We leave no trace or climate imprint after the performance. Nature is the boss. Everything is on nature's terms - also the artistic content.
The performance will be streamed online on Sunday 21 February at sunset, more precisely at 17.30.
What we are doing?
We do build an igloo out of snow situated on a lake in the middle of the mountain Hardangervidda in Norway.
We do harvest ice from the lake.
We do make and construct ice instruments inside the igloo.
We do make visual art by using ice only.
We do create a dance arena out on the lake.
We do invite the online audience to follow the construction process by posting daily photos and videos all week before the performance.
We broadcast the show "live" on February 21 at sunset.
The theme og the performance is “loneliness”.
A human being totally alone out in the whitheout of nature.
Absence of community.
This might be a situation where you are alone in nature.
Or alone in isolation - related to the Corona situation.
Or even having the feeling of being totally alone with your climate concerns?
The Nature is setting all conditions for this performance as for our lives in general.  The Nature is stronger and have to be treated with respect.  In this performance the Nature do give us all the possibilities, options or limitations to perform the art.
Terje Isungset: sitting alone inside an igloo with instruments made of ice. The igloo is located out on the lake with a clear horizon.
Embla Skogedal Bergerud: dancing alone in the horizon out on the lake - at sunset, without being able to hear the music.
Gunnveig Nerol: sitting outside in the snow only surrounded by the elements of winter. Gunnveig is a visual artist and she will paint and shape art in ice sheets of 60x60 cm. The theme is the UN's sustainability goals with a focus on climate.
The technical communication is by:
Filming of concert, visual art and dance: Sven Erling Brusletto.
Sound production by Tor Magne Hallibakken.
Photo of the process and the preparation: Emile Holba / Knut Bry.
Igloo construction and building: Petter Bergerud.
Igloo construction: Even Rygg.
Ice collection and preparation for instruments: Even Rygg.
Ice instruments: Terje Isungset
Idea, project management and music: Terje Isungset.
Details to be updated.
Supported by the Norwegian Art Council.

Link to event: