Friday, September 23, 2016

GROUPA - new CD to be released on November the 5th 2016.

Look out for the new GROUPA album: Kind of Folk - Vol.1 - Sweden.
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Wednesday, September 07, 2016

A little update

 Just finished two great weeks in my summerhouse composing new music - commissioned to be performed at a festival in 2017.

Inspiring nature!

Have also had some trips to the mountains, recording sounds from the water.

Photo from a video session last week.
A performance with Frikar dance company late August - out in nature.

As some of you might do know, my ice instrument freezer storage at Geilo had a melt down mid August.
These are the leftovers..
The GSM alarm did work, but I was without any reception in North Korea at that time  - so the melting could complete.
Now we do look forward to new instruments and new sounds.
The audience at the Førde Festival in July was the last one to listen to the old ice instruments.
Luckily that concert was recorded by the Norwegian Broadcast Company (NRK).
Broadcast late autumn 2016.