Wednesday, December 17, 2014

New album from Terje Isungset

Isungsets new album "Meditations" will be available on I tunes and other digital platforms for pre ordering & listening from the 24th of December!
The album release will be on January the 12th!

 Terje Isungset: icehorns, ice percussion, iceofon, crushed ice, voice & icedrums. 
Lena Nymark: voice. 
Arve Henriksen: trumpet & voice. 
Anders Jormin: double bass. 
Mats Eden:viola d’amore . 
Svante Henrysson: ice cello. 
Reidar Skår: keyboards & programming.  

All ice instruments were recorded 2010 till 2014 at the following locations: Greenland(Upernavik), Russia(Perm), Norway(Geilo, Jostedalen glacier, Norwegian Polar Institute of Tromsø, Kirkenes, Lillehammer), Italy(Val Senales), Canada(Iqaluit), Sweden(Jukkasjarvi) and France(Pyrinees). Ice used on this CD is: 100 years old ice from the center of the South Pole(Antarctic). 500 years old ice from the Spitsbergen glacier Austfonna (Arctic). 700 years old Glacier ice from the Italian Alps(Val Senales). 1000 year old ice from Norwegian glaciers: Svartisen and Nigardsbreen. Icebergs from the Greenland ice sheet(age unknown). Sea and fresh water ice from Canada (Iqaluit). Fresh water ice from Norway(Geilo, Kirkenes & Lillehammer), Sweden (Jukkasjarvi) and Russia (Siberia),
Photo by Emile Holba

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