Thursday, January 01, 2015

World of Glass

More reviews of the "World of Glass" album:

World of Glass conjures a weirdly beautiful soundscape, cool and flutey, with crunching broken glass sometimes used for percussion, and occasional deep bongs emanating from bowl-like objects.
There is no point in getting into some arid debate about whether or not it’s actually jazz: it is certainly improvised. And it is certainly lovely to listen to. That’s all we really need to know.
London Jazz.

The overall effect is quite remarkable, spacious, natural, and dare I say New Agey, with involving albeit sometimes practically glacial developmental sections offsetting any danger of gimmickry. Perfect for active meditation, even if that is not the intention, an album that may send you, chimingly, and occasionally shiveringly, into a quiet ancient space from which you might be reluctant to emerge. The conceptual integration of these beautiful looking instruments and the intuition of these innate improvisers could not have been more successfully achieved. Out now!

The music itself is inspired by folk and tribal primitive - in the sense of most basic - sounds, as ingredients for very modern music, with deep resonating bass sounds at times, Henriksen's soaring horns, all woven around pockets of silence and contemplative wonder, further accentuated by the tinkling sounds of the glass percussion. Even if the instruments are now made of glass, which leads to some changes, musically the album is very comparable to Isungset's previous works.
Free Jazz Collective

Sperimentazione, improvvisazione, minimalismo e musica concreta, attitudine jazz, convivono con richiami a ben più antiche tradizioni  musicali, dal Giappone al Medio Oriente, dai canti sciamanici siberiani a quelli degli aborigeni australiani, anche se la fonte principale di ispirazione è costituita dai grandi spazi innevati e solitari del Grande Nord; boschi, fiordi, laghi, tundre, aurore boreali colorano la nostra immaginazione cullata dalle melodie e dai suoni intrecciati dai due musicisti. Un misticismo che si intreccia a un senso di unione panica con la natura, costantemente evocata nel suo fascino primitivo e primordiale dalle musiche


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