Saturday, October 17, 2015

Icemusic & science!

Look out for our upcoming tours in Norway.
Ice concerts as usual, and a fantastic seminar about the melting Greenland Sheet, by professor Kerim Nisancioglu.

Terje Isungset: ice.
Maria Skranes: vocals.
Rune Røsten: sound.
Tor Ditlevsen: video& light.
Anastasia Isacshen: videodesign.
Frida Isungset: ice carver
Kerim Nisancioglu: seminar.

21 oktober: Larvik Kulturhus.
22 oktober: Orkdal Kulturhus.
23 oktober: Steinkjær Kulturhus.
24 oktober: Tynset Kulturhus.
25 oktober: Røros Kulturhus.
10 november: Kolben Kulturhus
12 november: Halden kulturhus.
13 november: NMH OSLO

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