Monday, February 22, 2021

Ice Music festival Norway 2021 - cancelled

 Dear Ice Music fans.

We had made ALL preparations ready for the upcoming festival. We had made igloos, harvested ice, built ice instruments, planned for all Covid 19 rules, solved all problems and sold all tickets.

30 people where ready to work hard for one week doing preparations.

All crew including the administration of the festival are working for free.

Because of one single rule from Norwegian Government saying that we are only aloud to have an audiences from the actual village of Ål in Hallingdal, we simply can not do the festival.

The result would be to have 4 out 5 sold tickets to refund. As you can all understand, this would be a financial disaster for us.

We are very sorry.

But: LOOK TO 2022!

It will be the most fantastic Ice Music festival ever.

It will be the same Igloo concept and at the same place as planned for in 2021.

See you there!

best wishes


Photo by Knut Bry.

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